Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paul Ryan attempts a chat based on debt and the reform of charity, Paul Ryan continues its efforts to advance an adult conversation about the urgent need to protect social security for present and future. Ryan's efforts have been met - again - with false attacks today on CNN Situation Room in a lively exchange with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Pressing the desperate demagoguery and seamless leader of the Democrats threaten to destroy the social safety net as important as the crushing weight of debt explodesour critical health and safety of retirement plans collapse. Data on social security and work plan should Ryan politicians still cling to the status quo untenable, social security will not be able to fulfill its promise to our seniors, which requires more painful cuts ahead of expectations on this critical program . Social Security Administration continues to experience in council cuts 22% of benefits for the elderly in the heart of their pensions when the trust fund is exhausted. SocialSecurity continues to annual cash deficits, with more than five trillion U.S. dollars unfunded liabilities. To meet this challenge, Congressman Paul Ryan has given a call for solutions - to provide a specific plan to the Congressional Budget Office and the Social Security Administration, Chief Actuary confirmed that save Social Security, making solvent and sustainable for future generations. Ryan proposed legislation - HR 4529, A Roadmap for America's Future - unchanged...

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